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Rapid Fire Cricket Catch Rebound Net

  • Hugely powerful and erratic rebound of ball (any ball!)
  • Great fun, but also a fantastic training aid, improving:
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Concentration
  • Throwing Accuracy
  • Throwing Power
  • Confidence
  • ....and of course Catching ability!
  • Adjustable angle for varying of ball trajectory- including ground and aerial work.
  • Sturdy, robust and durable construction.
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'Rapid Fire cricket catch net is endorsed, recommended and used by Derbyshire County Cricket Board'

Rapid Fire Catch Cricket Net

Cricket nets with a difference – this is not just any old cricket net, this is a RapidFire cricket net! These special ball rebounder cricket nets provide spellbinding performance as a highly challenging cricket training aid for any age and level.

The RapidFire rebound cricket net is a source of endless fun, yet crucially it’s fun with a purpose! No other cricket nets or training aids will come close to offering this level of performance whilst covering as many areas of your cricket game. This cricket catch net will obviously improve catching ability with its mesmerizingly erratic cricket ball rebound; however the RapidFire fire also has the ability to fire a cricket ball back up to 30 metres and from this you have distance catching, ground work and throwing accuracy. This is a cricket net to test and improve every aspect of your fielding ability.

What’s more, this cricket net isn’t solely limited to cricket – it can be used for any ball related sport, whether it be as Baseball Rebounder or Pitchback, Hurling Rebounder Net, Rugby Rebound Net, Tennis Rebounder or even as Water Polo Training Aid!

Multifaceted, Multidiscipline & Mega Fun cricket net training aid....Introducing the RapidFire™